Westridge Homes was the builder of our townhouse-style condo. We had been looking for a couple of years at various new construction condos in the city, looking for that "just right" design that would suit our needs, as we were preparing to make the move from our house. We were impressed with the design of the Westridge condo -- wide hallways and staircases, substantial foyer space, quality finishing work, and the awesome quality of the sound barrier between shared walls! Robert was excellent in answering our questions, explaining processes, etc. We changed a couple of features in our Condo from the show home design and Robert was quick to provide workable alternatives. The Westridge employees on site were/are very helpful for any little issues that we encounter in our new home. We love our Westridge Condo more every day!

- Wayne & Susan Buckle, Regina

- Wayne and Susan Buckle (long)

The building process is inherently stressful, but working with people you feel comfortable with and confident in certainly eases that stress! Westridge is that, and more! When we started to think about beginning the building process, we considered Westridge based on the online testimonials and praises from people we knew had worked with the company. But we chose Westridge based on an amazing first impression and a feeling that we just didn't feel with any other builder.

Regan is so down to earth and was so happy to use his vast experience and knowledge to build a home perfect for us that no sales rep from other builders could fake his sincere enthusiasm! He kept a close eye on the budget we had given him, and gave invaluable opinions on where best to spend our dollars. Tara helped us pick some beautiful finishes that makes it look like a show home, without any inflated cost.

We have heard horror stories about the building experience from others, and the theory that it would take 3-5 new home builds to finally design a "perfect" house, but that was not at all our experience. Our Westridge home is amazing, in every way, and walking through it for the first time after possession as a family felt magical. Westridge has given our family a beautiful home to begin a new chapter of our lives together, and we have ended up with so much more than just a house. After a few months in our home, we still love the opportunity to show it off, and haven't found a thing we would change! Our six year old son walked down the stairs for the first time and said "BEST....NEW HOUSE...EVER!" - we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

- Suzanne Anton & Mike Krawchuk, Saskatoon

- Mike and Suzanne (long)

We can't say enough good things about Westridge Homes! From the first day we met with Regan, we just had a good feeling. We were referred to them through a family member, and it became obvious quite quickly why they came so highly recommended. Their dedication to detail and quality was evident from the beginning. It didn't matter if we came across another Westridge customer, or if we met one of the trades people on site, everyone had positive, beaming reviews of Westridge and had not one bad thing to say. We actually had trades people tell us on site that we were extremely fortunate to be building with Westridge and that they were one of the best builders they had ever worked with, that they were really organized, and the quality was top notch. Regan and Tara made the entire home building process fun and stress free. The time lines were accurate right from the day we signed the papers, which we appreciated tremendously. Allowances were designed to include top end finishings, which meant we didn't have to go over budget to have a beautiful home. We honestly couldn't be happier with our new home, we love it so, so much! If we are ever in the market to build again, we would not hesitate to build with Westridge again, in fact, we can't imagine building with anyone else.  

- Greg Logan & Becky Graham, Saskatoon


- Greg Logan and Becky Graham(Long)

I am so thankful for you guys - you really have no idea what all of this means to me. You guys just keep going above and beyond - it is just ridiculous.

- Tanya Wosiminity, Saskatoon


- Tanya Wosiminity, Saskatoon (Long)
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The Westridge employees on site were/are very helpful for any little issues that we encounter in our new home. We love our Westridge Condo more every day!

- Wayne & Susan Buckle, Regina

- Wayne and Susan Buckle (short)

Overall, we couldn’t be more pleased with our house and we feel lucky we had the opportunity to build with such great people!!

- Justin & Alesha Bloor, Saskatoon

- Justin and Alesha Bloor (short)

I cannot say enough great things about Westridge Homes! The entire process has been stress free and they have far surpassed our expectations. We could not be happier with our home. I'd highly recommend Regan and his team at Westridge.

- Tennille Hanson, Saskatoon

- Tennille Hanson (short)

Choosing a builder is one of the most important decisions that are made during the building process. We looked around at a few builders and we chose Westridge Homes just after the first meeting. Westridge Homes staff members are professional knowledgeable, honest and friendly.

- Farzin Kasmaiefar & Iran Yousefi, Saskatoon

- Farzin and Iran (short)

Your time and dedication to detail, budget and high quality finishing is very much appreciated. Not only are you talented builders, but kind and caring people as well. We feel very fortunate that we chose Westridge Homes.

- Lesley Behl, Saskatoon

- Behl (short)

The Westridge employees on site were/are very helpful for any little issues that we encounter in our new home. We love our Westridge Condo more every day!

- Wayne & Susan Buckle, Regina

- Wayne and Susan Buckle (short)

I manage an automobile dealership in Saskatoon and customer service is what I stress to our staff... Regan and his team have put us in awe on more than one occasion and should be recognized for their efforts. I WILL NOT hesitate to build or buy another home from Westridge!

- Shawn & Erin Robson

- Shawn and Erin Robson (short)

The decision to build my new home with Westridge Homes was the best decision I have made!

- Kim Bristow, Saskatoon

- Kim Bristow (Short)

When I hear anyone say “Westridge Homes”, the first thing that comes to mind is HIGH Quality Workmanship and AWESOME Customer Satisfaction.

- Cori Erikson, Regina 

- Cori Erikson, Regina (Short)