When I hear anyone say “Westridge Homes”, the first thing that comes to mind is HIGH Quality Workmanship and AWESOME Customer Satisfaction. This is the third home that I have built and it went MUCH smoother than the previous ones. I was on a fixed budget, so couldn’t afford to upgrade much, but the best surprise was that Westridge Homes base quality and standards are most other builders high end standards that cost extra. That was a nice surprise for me. Their knowledgeable, professionalism, yet personal care spoke volumes. Even sub-trades had positive comments about working with Westridge Homes and the quality of home they build, which shows how reputable they are. “THANKS” to Robert and Aaron for making me and my family such a wonderful home.I would HIGHLY recommend building/buying a Westridge house to anyone. 

- Cori Erikson, Regina 

- Cori Erikson, Regina (long)

Westridge Homes is truly a breath of fresh air.  Building our custom home was such an exciting and rewarding experience, an experience that has been unmatched.  In having dealt with previous builders & sub-trades, we can certainly say without a doubt that Westridge is the best Home Builder out there. We can’t help but smile every time we see/hear the “Westridge" name, knowing that our home is built to their quality and standards.  Regan and his team are extremely knowledgeable, professional and diligent in every aspect of the building process.  Westridge unquestionably holds true to their reputation on providing quality and customer satisfaction. Thank you Westridge Team!

- Kris and Amber Lozinsky, Saskatoon

- Kris and Amber Lozinsky (Long)

We took possession of our new home in November 2011.  The entire process was very smooth and we were impressed with Regan's knowledge of and passion for Westridge's product.  We enjoy our new home more every day and would recommend building or buying a Westridge house to anyone and everyone!

 - Colin Golemba and SarahTrefiak, Saskatoon

- Colin Golemba and Sarah Trefiak (Long)

Buying a Westridge Quick Possession Home in January 2012 was an easy decision. High quality workmanship, high quality fixtures and finishes, and a sensible and open design are what set Westridge apart from other builders in Saskatoon. The customer service at Westridge has been great. While other builders had aggressive sales teams that tried to pressure us to buy their homes, Westridge was respectful and informative. We bought the house after only one viewing. We have been very pleased by how warm and bright our new home is! 

 - Brendan and Lindsay Tumback, Saskatoon

- Brendan and Lindsay Tumback
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When I hear anyone say “Westridge Homes”, the first thing that comes to mind is HIGH Quality Workmanship and AWESOME Customer Satisfaction.

- Cori Erikson, Regina 

- Cori Erikson, Regina (Short)

I manage an automobile dealership in Saskatoon and customer service is what I stress to our staff... Regan and his team have put us in awe on more than one occasion and should be recognized for their efforts. I WILL NOT hesitate to build or buy another home from Westridge!

- Shawn & Erin Robson

- Shawn and Erin Robson (short)

The Westridge employees on site were/are very helpful for any little issues that we encounter in our new home. We love our Westridge Condo more every day!

- Wayne & Susan Buckle, Regina

- Wayne and Susan Buckle (short)

I cannot say enough great things about Westridge Homes! The entire process has been stress free and they have far surpassed our expectations. We could not be happier with our home. I'd highly recommend Regan and his team at Westridge.

- Tennille Hanson, Saskatoon

- Tennille Hanson (short)

After a few months in our home, we still love the opportunity to show it off, and haven't found a thing we would change! Our six year old son walked down the stairs for the first time and said "BEST....NEW HOUSE...EVER!" - we couldn't have said it better ourselves!

- Suzanne Anton & Mike Krawchuk, Saskatoon

- Mike and Suzanne (short)

Your time and dedication to detail, budget and high quality finishing is very much appreciated. Not only are you talented builders, but kind and caring people as well. We feel very fortunate that we chose Westridge Homes.

- Lesley Behl, Saskatoon

- Behl (short)

When I hear anyone say “Westridge Homes”, the first thing that comes to mind is HIGH Quality Workmanship and AWESOME Customer Satisfaction.

- Cori Erikson, Regina 

- Cori Erikson, Regina (Short)

The decision to build my new home with Westridge Homes was the best decision I have made!

- Kim Bristow, Saskatoon

- Kim Bristow (Short)

Choosing a builder is one of the most important decisions that are made during the building process. We looked around at a few builders and we chose Westridge Homes just after the first meeting. Westridge Homes staff members are professional knowledgeable, honest and friendly.

- Farzin Kasmaiefar & Iran Yousefi, Saskatoon

- Farzin and Iran (short)